Monday, August 3, 2009

Duane Reade Signage (or more bullsh*t propaganda)

Photo by Ashley Simko (link) via Gawker

Gawker picked up this photo from blogger Ashley Simko. We've all seen these signs and new 'branding material' from the DR, but this pretty much slaps consumers in the face. Ask anyone in the tri-state area and it usually goes like this:

You: 'Just got back from Duane Reade. Had to pick up stuff.'

Them: 'oh yeah, love Duane Reade - thank god they're open 24 hours. But their pharmacy sucks! [insert epic tale of prescription woe here]'

That sign completely cuts to the core of what is horribly wrong about Duane Reade. I'll forgive the inconsistent branding, the sound-asleep security guard, and even the mouse in the corner. But the inept pharmacy? Never.

PS: Thx to Gawker for the shout-out!

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