Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Call BullSh*t: Update #2

The pledge is ON, people!

Here's Duane pledgin' at the subway stop:

And here he goes pledgin' up the bus stop:

What's that number about? Dare me to call them? I'm really, watch guys, watch!

Shhhhh....:chortle:...guys, c'mon quit playin! ooh-wait, it's ringing!


Automated voice. Figures.
Press 1 for English...

*Pressed 1*

Press 1 for Location, store hours, etc.
Press 2 for Dollar Rewards
Press 3 for I forget I was typing too much
Press 4 for Dollar Rewards Bonus Points Program
Press 5 for another Dollar Rewards Thingy
Press 0 for assistance or wait on the line.

*I wait.*

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please hang up and call 911.

*Am I going to hell because I laughed?*

Extension Zero...Zero...Zero...One is not available. Please leave a message after the tone.


I was totally expecting some lame back and forth about what to do if my prescription didn't get filled on time, but Duane Reade, you surpassed my wildest expectations.

I thank you, Duane. Truly, you are beautiful.


Joe said...

Yeah, but did they pledge to pick up the phone? Looks like the joke's on us. *sigh*

Vegas said...

better question:

what message did you leave for them?

Wrathos said...

I snorted my diet dr. p across the desk, so no message...

Calling again today to see if anyone's showed up for work.

PS: They just announced doctors on call at Duane Reade. Anyone care for a field trip?

Xris said...

Okay, laugh now. It will be much worse when they answer ...

LoraSara said...

I have given up on the DR on Broadway and 231 St., in the Bronx. They never have any prescription I give them ready within 24 hours. I find the one on 76th and Broadway reliable, they check on medicine availability when you come in and have your prescription filled when they promise, usually within 20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I too called that number hoping to speak with a pharmacy customer service specialist about lax record-keeping on prescriptions in a DR Upper West Side store. I was just a little disappointed to get only the spiel about the Dollar Rewards program. Who dreamed up this brilliant ad campaign? And what's the deal with DR so often being out of stock on basics (my fave dental floss, for example) that you sort of expect they would have in store? They can't be bothered to keep this stuff in stock?

Anonymous said...

of course the person in the ad is smiling she's not a real pharmacist. Who would smile after being abused by the nuts that come to get their meds.

Anonymous said...

She actually is a real pharmacist. I think you can find her in the Diabetes Center at the new Duane Reade at Lincoln Square.

Anonymous said...

The 2 Duane Reades in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn have been a nightmare to deal with. I moved back from Jersey last month and thought I would do well to have my prescriptions transfered to a large store like duane reade for the "ease of use, convenience" etc, I never had a problem with CVS or my smaller pharmacy in Jersey, and since day one there has been nothing but incompetence, and at one store the pharmacist has even been downright rude on more than one occasion. Using the online system doesnt work at all! Is there a phone number to make complaints?