Monday, May 21, 2007

I Call BullSh*t

Was it something we said?

It seems that Duane Reade has created a new ad campaign focused on some "pledges" they'd like to make their customers.

The one big banner I saw on a NJT bus proclaimed "We promise to deliver your prescription on time."

And here's something I found this morning near the vitamins:

BWAHHHAAAA! C'mon Duane, have you sent that memo to your employees? BTW, I'm so tempted to refill a script here, just to call Wesam and give a piece of my mind.

Now, I'm delusional about a lot of things:
- looking good in leggings
- my memory loss is not from college pot
- and that Aki Sushi really gets a fresh tuna delivery every day.

So, I'll continue the trend and think that WE had a little something to do with the DR's new call to action.

That said: has anyone else seen these ads? Got pics? Are there other "pledges" in the series? (Personally, I'm hoping for: "We promise not to eat Cheetos while operating a cash register.")


Anonymous said...

As the creator of this sign/poster I know all about it. A poster just like this was installed in every store with the District Manager's name. Downside is the turn over rate is so high, that by time these were posted, many district managers left. You should see the signs placed on the pharmacist side of the counter... the pledge to fill every prescription and how they plan to do so... Disaster in athe making.

Anonymous said...

wesam is the one of biggest asshole person you will ever meet. I hope you to talk to him to find more fun in duane reade world.

Anonymous said...

you can reach him if you can't reach from his duane reade address.
have fun

Anonymous said...

he is so reliable person, he can even play honor of people using relgious belief.this is only thing, think the rest of his assholeness...there is no other word to describe him.
He is one of the "so so called muslim men" who has no real islamic conciousness.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wesam abdrabouh suppose that he is the messiah sent by god to duane reade to help muslim ummah by fucking their identity. He has two faces one is muslim face, that he is ashamed of this identiy and dealing with muslims infront of his collagues...another is he is big asshole...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


So far we have only met comments about the stupidity of the Duane Reade Stores? How about their managers, corporate folks? I am telling you some conversations of some corporate idiots and their comments....

-Eleni Trifos: She even doesn't consider Duane Reade as a company!"They have 250+ locations and a brand promise that is essentially "Always a Wait. Always an Attitude." She is the pharmacy service manager, but she doesn't have any understanding about what harassment or bullying is. She may put you in insane category just because of being a favour of an asshole assistant manager and evil team...No matter how they harassed you... Dear Readers: Please read the treatment above and tell me what it is.
-Put yourself in this situation. "This is YOU"

You have enough education and evaluation about how a business runs. You were given a job as a cashier. In spite of this job, you are pleasant and did what your job description says. From the begining the assistant manager and her team started to harass you in many ways such as:
-Your cash register were closed by assistant manager at 11 am and she is sending outside while your schedule finishes at 4:30 pm. You are going outside, because you don't know how you should deal with her. You are kindly leaving the store. When you come back, she will tell you "how professional is it you went outside before your schedule".Morever she would send you outside of the store before your schedule finishes.When you say why now, she will say "just listen"
-Assistant manager put unscanned items to the customer bags you deal with infront of you and when you say hey what are you doing? She is saying "just listen".
-There are donations in the store and the top selling cashier will be awarded by some award and recognition. You are the one who were selling only to every individual customer. You are selling at least $50 donation every single day. The assistant manager doesn't give you donations saying there is no more in the room, a blatant lie. The Cashier calling assistant manager saying Ivy do something. Ivy, assistant manager closed my register in the middle of the day without reason and sending me away from my cash register. You are saying anything.In spite of this, you are the most selling cashier in the district.
-Assistant Manager is insulting you about your headscarf infront of the customers and co-workers. Also about muslim identity and culture in many ways.
-Assistant Manager is calling her evil team and then they are coming to your cash register together and telling you to do different things at the same time. You are still saying anything, just thank you. (Ivy, assistant manager in the front desk yelling at you in an animal way, shrielle is saying come here take put these medications in its place, Jahara(cashier) is saying clean here...The other is taking the RX notebook from your hand while you were writing a customer name. These things were happening at the same time, by different people.
-The shift leader is coming and changing your cash register before your shedule finishes and while you are telling your id is on! Ivy is coming "saying listen" Listen what idiots, you are changing my cash register and giving me no money and messing other cash register while my id on and ordering me to work at a cash register which didn't work. Then giggling together.
-You were forced to give a medication which didn't belong to customer. When you say, this isn't patient's name and Ivy will tell you "Just listen and give"
-A customer will buy an item, without scanning, pharmacy tech Salima will say "just give and you don't have to scan or payment". Even so you will say there is no receipt or scanning. How do you expect me to give this to the customer. She will look at you full of hatred. You will call assistant manager. You are the one who called her, she will say "just listen without listening to you"
-The Pharmacy Tech will want you to give a medication which have two patient names on it and when you "there are two names on it, she will say -listen and just give-
-Same Pharmacy tech will accuse you of stealing a pharmacist's purse. When you say what do you mean, they will say "just listen" What the heck treatment is it?
-You will not be allowed to stand at the front desk, when you say "why" and they will only say listen.
-Another stupid employee is coming and getting an item cost about "$15" and giving you cover. When you say hey pay and they will only "just listen"
-You aren't allowed to take your lunch break and they will tell you "just listen and we will fuck you"
-The cashier, Jahara(another evil) will swipe her card and doesn't stand her cash register for 30 min. Will go and chat with Ivy, assistant manager. Evil talking, calling ivy and Ivy is going downstairs. You are the one who is only taking customers.You are still saying anything. Jahara will insult you as calling "idiot or stupid because you are making effort to sell the donations" and Ivy will prevent you to sell, because her ass will be opened. When you say excuse me, but this is part of my job. They will say "just listen", Listen what! Fucking idiots, I am asking.
-Pharmacist will ask you to put "yellow stickers of patients name" to put in the garbage. When you say hold on. I was told not to put this outside of the pharmacy or manager room. You are telling me to put in the garbage. Folks, those names maybe your names and you trust these folks and give your ids and insurance information. When you say how come you want me to put these to garbage. They will say "Just Listen"
-Ivy, assistant manager never ever says anything to somebody who comes cash register late, or dealing customer with saying "shit or bullshit..or asshole" She will never interrupt a cashier while she was talking on the cell-phone. She will never say anything to a cash register who didn't take care of taking patients' name openly. However she will treat you in double standard ways and she knows that you do complete job and will order you to do many things not related or never being practised by anybody before such as writing patient name individually in every single even for more than 10 medications. Patients will say "what are you telling us to do like that, we are here for 20 years, never signed our names individually for 15 medications..we only signed 1 signature for 5 medications." Even though you are nice and kind will say management changed some system. You will do exactly what your assistant manager says...She will still not be satisfied and will continue yelling about your culture infront of the customer.
-Outside of the store, a pharmacy tech Karmen will come and take your RX notebook from your hand and call another tech Salima "let's go". When you say hey "I am writing the name and sticker of the medication on my hand. They will say "just listen and we will fuck you". Karmen whom I never talked, always looked at you full of hatred, whenever she came to the store, she went to medication wrapping place even if she isn't working there, she created problem for you.
-The other cashier will slap door on you, and will say IVY do something. Ivy will work with evil mind again. The other day she will call her friends and they will go to manager room. Then her friends will act as customers and talk out of the air. Stupid unrelated things. When you say "excuse me how can I help you and they will say just listen and yelling for things you have no idea.
-They made me depressed, I left the store.
-Many other stupid treatment is available to the report I gave to District Managers.
-The customers are happy with you, you always smile, come to cash register on time, and leave on time. Plus you can make sure until somebody will appear at the cash cashier before you leave your schedule. You are extremely kind even though this stupid treatment happened to you.

This had exactly happened to me.
When I reported, I met an extremely stupid treatment. District Manager accused my muslim identity. Pharmacy Service manager took favour of this assistant manager, made you feel like a stupid. How stupid evaluation of Duane Reade Corporate people have!!!
I have enough education to tell what they should have done, "Ivy, who was promoted to be as a manager, should have been fired or taken a diciplinary action by pending her status." These stupid people should have been pending as well.

I didn't sue them, at that time I was still nice, because I didn't want them to lose their jobs as they have family or children.However,I am so regretful about not going further legal action. I hope you understand why store people are so stupid or inconsiderate, because that's the way how they kept their job, anybody who would like to have improvement will have no place in Duane Reade especially if this person is muslim, having headscarf.
This is a funny experience I had lived. They are really inconsiderate and ignorant people. Not only stores, but their corporate is full of idiots who don't take Duane Reade seriously. Folks, there is a new walgreen opened at Times Square and they have many doors accessible to many sides. Go there and feel the difference between Duane Reade and Walgreens. I encourage you to use Walgreen service if you are in this area.


Anonymous said...

Allah put me here for reason.The reason is to fuck you and make fun of you with your miserable life.Sister call me anytime, we are brother and sister, ummah, I may fuck you in the future if you make money...But I am sorry, you don't make enough money..I need someone who is working and it doesn't matter whether she has scarf or not...

Anonymous said...

the image of an ibne is damaged!!!!

Anonymous said...