Friday, May 11, 2007

The Post Office is a Magical Place...

Introducing the comic stylings of the Madison Square Post Office Greeter...


I know, you can't really see him and I suck at photoshop. Whatever. It's a dude and he was awesome. Now we're caught up.

His job is to prevent riots and postal drama like this. You walk in and the guy's holding court, cracking jokes, answering questions, and my favorite: making fun of the elderly.

"There is no running in the post office. Unless you're a senior citizen. We want you guys to stretch out the legs and work on your lung capacity."

I'm not shitting you.

"If you're a senior and you complain about the rising cost of stamps, let me remind you of your discount on subways, buses and IHOP."

I'm still not shitting you.

"Seniors, you continue to complain, I'm sending you to the back of the line."

Ahhh, I love this guy. Clearly he's ageist, and he's been assigned to customer service within an institution that is most traveled by folks on a fixed income.

Irony: There were no seniors on line. Truly. Median age was about 35.

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