Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Martha Plimpton, New York Mag, and the DR

It would've made our day just to know that Martha Plimpton shares our hate of the DR. I mean, c'mon, she totally got to make out with pre-Lake House* Keanu in Parenthood. When he was all bad-ass and drove race cars and she was all preggers and 'I love you Todd' and he was all 'excellent' because really, who can't think of Keanu without thinking 'excellent.'

I digress.

We were certainly not prepared for the write up in's Daily Intelligencer.

Rock it, bad selves.

So now we know that Martha Plimpton hates Duane Reade. She's not the only one, of course, and, as it turns out, there's now a blog — why wouldn't there be a blog? — devoted to chronicling the horrors of the drugstore chain that's eating New York. I Hate Duane Reade launched in February and encourages reader to share their tales of woe. The first post meditated on the one-line-or-several debate; since then the site has included "Overheard in DR" posts ("Teenage girl shaking her fist: 'Fuck you Duane Reade! Gah!' –76th & Broadway"), numerous pharmacy horror stories, and April's sort of genius taxonomy of your standard Duane Reade employees. (A sample: "Photo Guy — He's there. He's just standing there. He knows you want him to say 'cash only' and invite you up. Nope. He's photo guy. Don't mess.") "After way too many bar sessions filled with rants about customer service, specifically the DR," the founders wrote on the site, "we decided to vent our frustrations in prose … and sometimes haiku." Here's a try: Martha Plimpton stews / While filling a prescription / "You have a Club Card?"



*a film never to see the light of day en casa de wrathos.


veronicalodge said...

Dude, I cannot believe you made this blog. I so hate Duane Reade. I routinely marvel at how consistently painful it is to do business at each and every single location across the city. The salespeople are slow and angry and clearly hate their jobs and, let's face it, hate whitey. (And I'm not even white.) I've walked out on salespeople mid-sale because they are so rude. And just yesterday I went to a locally owned drugstore to pick up a few items and the experience was so quick and easy and pleasant that I said to myself, I'm never going to Duane Reade again. The service is so consistently horrible that the problem must be at corporate. I think your blog is going to get a lot of press and maybe someone at the top will get their head out of their ass. Keep on keeping on!!!!

Wrathos said...

Thanks V - one of our goals in life is to have a quiet, friendly, and cheeto-free transaction at the DR.

Anonymous said...

yes it is corporate those assholes up there love to threaten and scare these people, and honestly who can work happily in an environment like that.