Friday, May 25, 2007

Paging Dr. Reade...

HOLY Hell, people.

Duane Reade is putting doctors on-site for folks who don't want to wait around at the emergency room.

On one side, I could see the benefits. Especially for lady issues.

On the other, can you imagine the crack den this is going to create?! It's gonna turn the DR into a TB ward!

From NY1:
May 24, 2007

Duane Reade customers can now not only pick up their prescriptions, but also see a doctor.

The city's largest drug store chain announced Thursday that it has partnered with Consumer Health Services to launch DR Walk-In Medical Care. The partnership will allow people to have access to a doctor's treatment for minor medical conditions without waiting for an appointment or spending hours in the Emergency Room.

New Yorkers NY1 spoke to say they like the idea.

"I would use it,” said one local resident. “There's a Duane Reade practically around any neighborhood."

"I most definitely would try it," said another.

"If I had reason to use it, I'd be glad to use it,” said a third. “I think it's very good; they should have had it a long time ago."

The doctors can also provide health screenings, tests, and vaccinations. All commercial insurance is accepted.

Currently the on-site doctors are at three Duane Reade locations in Manhattan: 50th Street and Broadway, 97th Street and Broadway, and 86th Street and Lexington Avenue.

More locations are expected to open throughout the year.

This can't be safe. They can barely FIND your prescription and now they ask you to put your life in their hands?!

I can't. E-V-E-N.


Vegas said...

I think, as an investigative journoblogism experience you (or someone else [and can i nominate krista?]) should make up a disease and go test out one of these DR Drs.

I mean if someone goes in there all "oowww my hydrocepheleoflange is acting up" what are they gonna do?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

persolnally the people that run duane reade are a bunch of morons, looking to make a buck any which way. I think they need to be investigated for shaddy practices.

Ken said...

I stopped using D-R for prescriptions after waiting in a small crowd while the "professional" behind the counter yelled across the store "Do you have Miss Tam's birth control pills yet?"
Miss Tam was understandably horrified, as were most of the customers.
D-R has managed to bring the standard for retail service to new lows that I thought were only found in the Third World (which is exactly what it feels like when you shop there)

Anonymous said...

If any of you rocket scientists did your homework, you would know that Duane Reade has NOTHING to do with the clinics except as a landlord. Sure they will benefit from additional prescriptions (thought the prescriptions can be filled at any pharmacy in New York). Criticism is great, but you lose credibility when you speak from ignorance.