Thursday, July 19, 2007

Duane Reade Kills Harry Potter

Ok, maybe not.

But he DID allow a copy of the last Harry Potter book to be purchased by a I just burped shame.

From Gawker:

From the mailbag: "Just got the new Harry Potter book (for a friend...seriously) at the Duane Reade on Worth and Lafayette. I plucked it out of one of the opened boxes marked 'Do not open until July 21' and bought it with no hassle whatsoever. Embargoes are overrated."

Lookit Duane, trying to be all controversial. Whatever. That New York shit-cano that exploded last night should've been in front of a DR.


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Anonymous said...

Duane reade Duane Reade, is a sucky company. It is run by assholes.

Anonymous said...

wow what morons that work in the main office like Patel , Melnick, Rock, Newsome.

Anonymous said...

yeah what a bunch of dip shits

Anonymous said...

crazy cathy

Anonymous said...

Cathy the Pharmacist is a nasty stupid lying bitch!