Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NJ State Fair: We Want You to P*ss Yourself

Something caught my eye while waiting at CVS for a prescription.

I was reading the local paper...having a massage...when I came across an ad for the New Jersey State Fair at the Meadowlands.

I'm all for getting folks' attention with witty catchphrases and cool visuals. But I was compelled to visit their website in order to share this with you guys:

This is actually from their downloadable brochure.

Pretty cut and dry. Dates of the fair, map of the midway, smiling kid.

Oh, but wtf is this...


Because when I think of State Fairs, I think "Gee, they're all pretty cookie cutter. Now if I could only find one to make me piss my pants...well, THAT would be SOMETHING!"


Anonymous said...

except of course, that the word is supposed to be "whet", not "wet".

God, I hate stupid proofreaders!

Uric said...

1) I wet myself when I saw the zoom in. On a related note, apparently Optimum and Mazda of Lodi are in on the pee-fest.

2) Yes, Anonymous, but you can't whet your underwear. (I think. :P) I know what you're getting it, but the pun at the expense of grammar was probably intentional. You need to Think Different. (tm)

Small Kitten said...

I want to Wheat my pants! God that sucked.

Anonymous said...

its "I HATE DUANE READE" so let keep it to that please.

Anonymous said...

Nice, but it,s not the NJ State Fair. It's the " State Fair Meadoelands" The real NJ State Fair is held in Augusta NJ from Aug. 3rd to Aug. 13th.