Monday, July 16, 2007

Holy S* Someone Used Dr. Reade!!

A review posted on Yelp came in mixed, but at least we're getting a little sneak peek into the mysterious Duane Reade "Doctors" On Call.

Sounds like they're pushing OTC meds on top of whatever script they give you:

The doctor did a quick strep culture (negative), then wrote me a prescription for steroids to reduce the swelling and circled some things on his stupid list of over the counter recommendations such as Aleve, zinc lozenges, and halls, basically just different brand names of the stuff I bought last night. Then I paid $95 and crossed to the other side of the store to hand my prescription to the pharmacy less than 30 minutes after I walked in.

Interesting. Wonder how much of a bonus the doctors get if people buy the items on this magical "list."


Anonymous said...

What a scam!

E said...

They don't get killed by the smoke monster! And they get to meet Jacob! Lost reference anyone?

Anonymous said...

hey i think duane reade is going public with their stock, so for those of you who want to buy stock dont buy DR it is a White Elephant. run from it you'll loose your shirt.

Anonymous said...

oh my Nalini Desi was fired for theft.

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