Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I Heart CVS

It's not perfect, but it's got a massage chair, honey!

No seriously. My local CVS has a massage chair built into the pharmacy waiting area. And it's gooooooooooood.

Can we get one of those at the DR? Please?!

If you do, then maybe, maaaybe I'll forgive you for the cashier hitting on the chick in line this morning, commenting that her perfume was so potent she made him want to quote: "get on her."

PS: Why is it called CVS? What do the initials stand for? Crunchy Value Snack? Citrus V8 SunnyD? Customer Very Stabbed?


E said...

The Rite-Aid near my apt in Northern VA (Basically DC) has one of those! And I went rite-aid shopping once (read: buyin tampons) with my mom and she did the shopping and I enjoyed the awesome chair. Coolest thing ever. However I hate them, and if the rite-aid catches fire, I think I'd quick run in and grab the chair, then call 911 a little later. They can wait. Also, CVS stands for either "Consumer Value Stores," but CEO Tom Ryan has said he now considers it to stand for "Customers, Value, and Service." But I think Tom Ryan (most generic name ever, btw) is just tryin to kiss some ass.


Anonymous said...

Customer very satisfied?
I heart CVS--never had a major problem. WALGREENS must die.

E said...

Also, how fun are those blood pressure things? You know, until:

a) They squeeze so damn tight and you know for sure when its done, that arm is shrivlin up and turnin black.

b) You find out your blood pressure is through the roof and you have a heart attack while walking out of the cvs.

wrathos said...

I'm tempted to take my blood pressure before and after a trip to the DR...

Forman said...

how long can you keep this up, cause it's great.
ok i've made a new york section in my blog, cause everyone must know about the DR.

Anonymous said...

CVS? cool! i got my massage chair too at home and i just got it at a good price from I just love it.