Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This Just In: The Cooler

Ladies and Gentleman - Think we found our t-shirt slogan, courtesy of the DR on E. 51st.

"The cooler is out of service. Please don't touch it. "

Thanks, Eden for sending this over!

UPDATE: Yeah. I suck. It should read "Ladies and Gentlemen." Oh the irony!


E said...

I love how in the end they still put an apostrophe between N and T in "Don't." It's like... why bother? The sign should really just say "Fcuk U" it'd make the point easier to come across.

Anonymous said...

It should read ladies and "gentlemen" not "man", but you knew that

Anonymous said...

bullshit jackasses

The SUWBAYblogger said...

I dont know what's worse...the horrible spelling or that they actually took the time to TYPE it up. At that point, why not just write it on the glass with lipstick from the cosmetic isle.

Anonymous said...

The newest Duane Reade in my neighborhood installed the entrance doors backwards, IN on the left, OUT on the right. When I complained to their corporate headquarters, they told me it was "to maximize convenience to and from the checkout" whatever that means. People are still colliding at the doors every day. The "coller" sign is no surprise, since English is in short supply at all D-R stores.
The worst offense at their stores is the lack of wheelchair access through the labyrinth of free-standing displays blocking most aisles.
They are the worst store in New York City!