Monday, June 4, 2007

This Just In: Aw, C'mon Photo Guy!

From the ol' mailbox, Anne writes:

Our HONEYMOON pictures (2 rolls) were left in to be developed at the 19th & 7th avenue location one sunny Saturday afternoon. One week later I go to collect them but no-go. So another week later and another week later I go, each time it’s like rocket science going through when I left in the film etc etc…like I would believe some employee sorts through & organizes the photos by drop-off date…NOPE, DR lost my photos.

Perhaps related - apparantly, they've stopped using Kodak's pick-up service and have opted for a presumable cheaper outsourced option which Kodak say they've had numerous issues with. Anyway, somewhere along the process of the bag getting picked up and being dropped of at the Kodak facility they've lost these precious pics…Do I have recourse I wonder ??

So I call the store looking for the name of the manager and NO-ONE can tell me !! I couldn't believe it. & I call their headquarters and the girl gives me the wrong address for their head-office/customer relations. Really interested to see what their response is like and how long it takes to get one!

Hey Anne - Wanna try 866-375-6925? That's the customer service number they've plastered all over their pledge campaign. Maybe this time it won't go to voicemail. Keep us posted, ok?

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