Friday, June 8, 2007

25 Bonus Points to Make Up for That Lost Prescription

Just got back from the DR.

Shut up, my CVS doesn't carry liquid B12, so I had to suck it up and visit Dr. Reade.

Anyway, I got my prescription and found a new game:

For those who can't see the text, it says (grammar errors and crappy marketing, theirs):

In a hurry?
Did we promise you a time for pickup today?
Did we keep our promise?


One Time, 25 bonus points awarded to your Dollar Rewards Account...

Just for taking a 1 minute customer satisfaction survey. It's easy it's fast and you reap the rewards!!

Call 1-800-680-5576

Don't wait! Call before time runs out!

Thank you, Jack Bauer.

So you know Attic Gloves and I had to make the call. No verbatim this time, but it went a little something like this:

Welcome to Doo-wayne Reade (and this annoys's Duane, not Doo-wayne...Jim on "The Office" does this with the name Dwight -"Doo-wight"- and although I heart him, I hate that he does it) blah blah blah welcomey survey stuff.

Please enter the code on your filled prescription sticker.

...which, sorry guys, is how they tag you so you don't repeat and get more free points.

Please answer the following questions using your touch tone phone.

When you dropped off your prescription, did you wait at the store (press 1) or left the store to pick up later (press 2)?

We press 2.

When you picked up your prescription, how long did you wait in line? For less than 5 minutes, press 1. For 6-10 minutes, press 2. For more than 10 minutes, press 3.

We press 3, and really did you expect anything less? Personally, I was hoping for the 'for more than 45 minutes with $50 worth of soyjoys in your hand, which you purchased out of boredom, press 22' option.

Are you likely to recommend this location to a friend [::snort::]? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no.

We press 2.

Then they go on to say how "there may have been a breakdown" (yes, "breakdown") in our prescription filling process, would you like to speak to someone in our pharmacy department? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no.

Yeah, we couldn't do it. It's 4p on a Friday. There's only enough strength left to go downtown for happy hour and cheese. Pressed 2.

Are you a Dollar Rewards member? Yes 1, No 2.


So then they ask us to put in the rewards number and we get 25 free points for pushing buttons and being disgruntled.

Considering I will have to purchase another $75 worth of merchandise to get my $5 coupon and that I had to put up with their usual BS (like the cashier looking under B for about 3 minutes until I reminded her that Wrathos starts with another letter), it didn't seem like a decent comp. But sure as shit, I took it.

The DR is sure making some changes around those parts - 25 points at a time! So, if you have a Rewards Club and a prescription handy, be dialin'! And let us know if anything fun happens...


Anonymous said...

wow Duane Reade is on fucked up company. let me tell you how fucked up it is. They love to scare the poor store employees, with threats tactics.And now they have a freakin letter of the day, feels like Im on god damn sesame street.If ya dont know the stupid letter your in trouble. Then as if we dont have enough to do the call up to see how you answer the phones, what a load of crap. But whos watching the watchers.

Anonymous said...

I hate that evertime I go into duane reade to buy something after work the lines are extremely long. They only have one cashier working. They should now by now when they need more cashiers on it is a pain. Nine out of ten times when I finally get to the register the cashier will stop and call for help. Most of the time I just look inside to see and leave

Wrathos said...

Anonymous person #1 - do you have any of those 'letters of the day'? I'd love to take a look at it.

And how do they scare the employees? What do you mean?

If you want to email, instead of posting here, pls do so at

Thanks - if there's crappy treatment going on there, we want people to know about it!

Anonymous said...

So, the promo on the receipt is to be entered to win a $100 DR gift card - "one winner every day". I purchased $50 worth of stuff at 6:22 PM. I accessed the website and "the survey you are trying to access is closed" at 8:15 PM. That is very lame!!

Anonymous said...

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