Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I Hate You: 9 year old Demon

It's late. It's 10:32 on a school night. I have a huge presentation tomorrow.

And I'm a lightweight and have had my one cider maximum.

Which is why I have no tolerance for the little 9 year old girl who's currently hopping back and forth and on and off the four seater of my train. Nor do I have tolerance for her parents, who instead of showing a spine, spend the next 25 minutes negotiating with her to come over and sit down properly.

Demon Child: "They know I'm with youuuuu, so I don't nneeeeed to sit with yoooouuuu-uh."

Loud Mom: but you have to bc we have your ticket!!!

DC: "Noooooo-uuuhhhh!!!"

LM to Dad: she's going to be like this for another hour. You talk to her.

Dad: cmon what mom says.

DC: "NOooooooOooooooooO-uhhhhhh!!!"

::Bounce up::
::Bounce on aisle seat::
::Bounce on window seat::
::Eat rat head::

But nothing prepared me for the final straw. Oh, no.

Dad's vinyl "Robin Leech Presents Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" hat.

I'm tired. Which is why I hate you: little 9 year old girl.
...and your Dad's poor sense of modern-day headwear.

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