Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Summertime - Time to Get Smoove...DR Style!

There are many alarming things about this photo:

1. This product is a DR Brand No-Heat, All Natural Hair Removal System.

2. It's for sale on Ebay for a Buy It Now price of $5.75...shipping $5.50.

And 3. It's a 36 piece kit.

I'm Greek. My chin hair can give Robin Williams' arms a run for their money.

I'm just saying, it goes against the laws of nature to use a 36 piece kit to modify ANYTHING on your body.

Yeah, think I'll pass on trusting the ol' bikini line to the all-natural ingredients the DR has to offer. Maybe they'll offer a gift set with some Triple-Lanolin Mango Vera.

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