Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Congrats, Duane Reade! You Suck!

Time Out New York is our new best friend, with whom we share Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper lip gloss, solely based on their 'bad service' issue.

Our dear DR has been bestowed with the impressive and tongue-in-cheeky (tm Wrathos) "ConEdison Award":

Duane Reade
What do Swiffers and tampons have in common? At DR, they’re stocked side by side. Just don’t ask the zombie staff to help you find anything (whatever it is, they’re out of it, by the way).

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EliWhitney said...

What do tampons and swiffers have in common? Umm, is it "cotton?" That's why they're on the "cotton" shelf, next to the electric gins. (That's right; I used "gin" in a sentence, and it wasn't for a history paper or a refererence to booze.) What do I win?