Thursday, March 15, 2007

This Just In: Stunned Silence Edition

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[Ed. "Buy this man a drink. Seriously."]

From "Steve-O":

I am an epileptic, and one day I was having 'auras' while at work so I went into Duane Reade to fill out a prescription, because it was the closest thing to my job.

I went to the counter, and saw someone stocking meds in plain sight. Granted, I am standing there having little body twitches, and I can barely talk, but she sees me.

After 5 minutes of watching the pharmacist stock meds, I spoke up and said, "Excuse me, can you help me?"

This big fat bitch looked up and said, "Excuse me...I am on break."

Not in the mood, I snapped back, "You stock things on your break, but you cant help me? I guarantee you I am easier to deal with, and I need your help now. Its an emergency."

What does she do? She fucking walks away, and goes in the back room!

So I go to the front cashier, and tell her I am sick and need to see someone immediately.

Her response, "Go to the pharmacy section then."

I calmly said, "I did that, and for some reason she walked away."

The cashier responds with a nasty attitude, "Well, she went on break then."

I flipped out here & I am very embarrassed about my response but I was not well.

I shouted back, "No fucking shit. I know she went on break. She fucking told me as I asked her to help me. You are not aware right now, but I am very sick, and you ignoring me is not helping. So if you are not busy, will you please go fucking find someone to help me. Otherwise, I will drop right in front of you and vomit, piss and shit all over the place. So either help me, or I will give you something to clean up."

Her response, "You are very rude. You dont have to talk like that."

My response, "Yeah well...everyone here acts like they are fucking retarded, and they are very convincing."

The woman called my bluff and stood at the counter and did not help me.

Realizing this was not helping, I shouted, "Ok then. Go fuck yourself bitch! You go and earn your $7 bucks an hour with pride! Maybe you can buy a boat ticket back home!". Yikes...not nice at all.

I went to the SI Ferry and was able to get to my regular pharmacist to help me.

I dont go back to that Duane Reade anymore.

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