Thursday, March 15, 2007

Speaking of Starbucks

I actively hate Starbucks. I go in there, despite my hatred and better judgment, about once or twice a month and I am regularly pissed off.

Just the other day, I was berated for not putting the wording of my order in the right contextual order, according to Starbucks.

Really, guys?

Let's say I asked for a vanilla latte, grande with skim. I already want to kill myself for saying the word "grande," but history proves the horror in saying "medium."

This uppity, condescending, c-u-next-tuesday of a barista stares at me for a moment and then without taking her eyes off me says, "Can I get a GRANDE-VANILLA-SKIM-LATTE? Or a vanilla, grande, latte, skim.... whatever she said."

You make 7 dollars an hour, sister... if you are expecting my petty change in your tip cup (that sounds dirty) I'm thinking a little less of your 'tude and a little more kissing of my butt.

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