Friday, April 6, 2007

Complaining Is Like Sex...

...even when it's whiny and passive-aggressive, it still feels good.

Have sex with us by submitting your nightmare stories.

Could be about Duane Reade (or Duane "Greed," as I was corrected) or any other illogical bullshitty retail event you've encountered.

Oh and while I have you...

Quick shout out to a couple folks who reminded us of characters we'd missed during Duane Reade Stratego.

How dare we forget "The Cheeto Eating Employee who won't look at you until you've been standing there an uncomfortably long time. At which point, she'll sigh, wipe her hands on her pants, stuff the bag to the side, and ring you up." THANKS LIZ!

And we'd be remiss without acknowledging "The Security Guy: 10% concerned with stealing, 90% concerned with Cashier #5's ass." INDEED, GARY. INDEED.

Keep 'em coming, folks, and thanks to Choire, et al for the plug.

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Anonymous said...

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