Thursday, April 26, 2007

From Consumerist: A Typical Day with HP Customer Service

God Bless Consumerist.

Although nothing major happens during this recorded call to HP's customer service line, it's somewhat comforting to know that it's not just you who gets the runaround.



"Chris" the HP technician said...

Most people don't realize that HP technicians are taught to beatbox and play guitar. We use the "click-boop" noise as necessary to paralyze our captive prey/audience for a few minutes while we demonstrate our home-grown soft-rock stylings. This is affectionately known as the "strum-n-dump." "Thanks for calling HP; click-boop," strum-strum-strum, *click*

Laura said...

Oh, dear god, I've had 2 HP products - this is soooo useful!!!

You might consider posting (particularly about Duane Reade, but also anything else ya got) on - it's a customer service website where you can share experiences about your consumer interactions. It puts bad customer service departments on notice and encourages companies who pay attention to their consumers.

Anonymous said...

I love HP printers. but before you go and label me an HP-Lover, let me just say that I totally sympathize with this call. Not only can the poor customer service be found over the telephone, it is also found online. Went through the same bulls%it with a "tech" online... got frustrated and terminated the chat.
Got lucky the second time around and actually found someone who knew what she was doing. Problem solved. Now let me go love my printer in peace.