Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spare Some Change There, Duane?

G.A. heard about our 'lyl blog and told me he had a story for us.

He'd recently gone to Duane Reade for a few random items. The total was about $15, so he gave the cashier a $20 bill.

The cashier said "I don't have any change."

G.A. stood there, waiting for a "I'll call the manager and get some." Or "Let me ask the cashier next to me."

What he got was "I don't have any change."

G.A.'s a nice guy, so he started offering solutions, but it soon became clear that she expected him to accept that answer and leave without his change. Not to leave with his original money, but to leave with his sundries and be gone, minus $5.

What in salty fuck?

Now. I can seriously rationalize anything in this world, pick it apart, assign a flow chart, slap its ass and head to the showers.

But this...I don't think I have the strength.

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Lenka said...

Had a similar incident occur at a K-Mart in Chicago a little while ago. I paid with a $20 for a roughly $15 purchase and was told by the cashier, "I don't have any change." She didn't ask any of the other cashiers or call over a manager either, so I stood next to the checkout aisle for a few minutes before politely asking for my five dollars. "I told you, I don't have any change." "Well, could you please get some change or tell me who I need to see here to get my change?" In a huff, she picked up her desk phone to request it. Just ridiculous service.