Monday, April 9, 2007

This Just In: My Lady Pocket

From "D" (name protected for obvious reasons...I mean, c''s the virginia we're talkin' bout.)

I had a prescription for some gynecological medicine. They ended up giving me a topical acne medication. Thank god I had the good sense to google the name of the drug when I got suspicious. Went back to DR pharmacist and asked wtf they were doing. Pharmacist lady gets hostile and tells me to call my doctor - that it's MY DOCTOR's fault. Mind you this was after waiting online for 45 minutes with 2 ppl ahead of me in line. I LOATHE DR.

[Ed. -- Can I get an 'amen'? Also, wondering what made her 'suspicious' enough to google the drug. ::shudder:: Thanks, D!]


Daisy Buchanon said...

My sympathies D. I went in to get an ointment for my eye, and the pharmacist said it was over the counter. She even offered to show me where it was, which was disturbingly friendly of her. Of course what she showed me was Neosporin. I told her that what I wanted was for my eye, and she said what amounted to, "Nuh uh." An attitude that carried over until I showed her where Department of Opthalmology was printed on the prescription.

Anonymous said...

must have been metronidazole gel or clindamycin (which come marketed both topically and vaginally with an applicator) and the doctor forgot to right vaginal gel and probably wrote use as directed.