Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Knowing your rights. Seriously, dude, it could save your life.

No one likes a know it all... especially airline workers!

There you are, Daisy, on line at the airport and your flight gets cancelled because of "technical problems" or "your pilot is drunk." But you don't sweat it because you know your rights, for real this time.

Rule 240 is going to be your secret weapon from here on out because an airline's job is not to turn you away after screwing you, it's their job to keep you from multiple homicide. Should the airline cause the delay (the cause must be the airline's fault, not weather or "act of God." Sorry, Wrathos) you are entitled to some sort of compensation whether it be a transfer to a different city to connect to your ultimate destination or a full refund.

Not all ticket agents are aware of Rule 240 so it's your job to read up, carry a copy of the specific airline's Rule 240, and be polite when bringing the smack down on them.


Wrathos said...

Now I want to take a trip, just so I can use Rule 240. In fact, I've already made an appointment to have the rules tattooed on my ass.

Trust me, there's room.

View from the Top said...

An agency that forgets to order de-icing fluid hardly sounds like an "Act of God." However, getting Delta to admit the actual source of the problem might just count as one.

Daisy said...

Be prepared to put up a fight. Getting the airlines to admit that weather is not the cause of your delay will not be easy. I think ticket agents are trained, Colckwork Orange-style, to answer "It's the weather" to every question they get.

Vegas said...


That has been my general experience regarding airline delays too. I fly Chicago/NY All. The. Time and I remember sitting in O'Hare because of a "weather related delay" and I called whoever was picking me up at LaGuardia to ask them what was wrong in NY.
"What? Nothing. It's sunny and 60 degrees up here right now."

Try telling that to the counter person.
Clockwork Orange AND Manchurian Candidate style training.
(The good,OG ManCan, not the crappy new one.)