Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Just In: Prescribe Me Edition

Ah, another entry into the Duane Reade BS Hall of Fame:

Isn't it time the biggest pharmacy chain in NYC moves past the disgruntled employee scrounging through alphabetical buckets when retrieving our prescriptions? All I'm asking for is a computer linked to a conveyor belt and the ability to swipe my debit card.

Picking Up A Prescription At Duane Reade: AKA A finely tuned strategy in which I ultimately buy more crap.

Me: I'm picking up
Employee: Last Name?
Me: Schwartz
Employee: S - h? w? - s???
Employee: First Name?
Me: eye roll indicating annoyance at not being asked my full name in at once
Employee: Goes to the "S" bucket and sifts through every single prescription, during which time I text my boyfriend, blow my nose take a picture of my shoe on my cellphone, and decide I need to buy more Chapstick conveniently sold at the pharmacy checkout.
Employee: Shouts while taking a futile stab at the "A" bin. When did you call it in?
Me: This morning.
Employee: Oh. She nods as if to say "that's a totally different story" and begins to rummage through the stack of prescriptions that have not yet been sorted and while looking for mine decides that this would be a super time to alphabetize the lot
Me: Bite my nails
Me: Decide I need Purell hand sanitizer so I can bite my nails without fear of strange diseases, conveniently in my purview
Me: Decide I have no time for lunch and grab an energy bar from the under the checkout counter
Employee: Finds my prescription and rings up my items annoyed at something, possibly that I have a first and last name that begin with different letters.
Employee: You have a 5 dollar coupon!
Me: I take my yard long receipt and stuff it in my bag with disgust. Another $100 bucks spent at Duane Reade.

Well executed, Ms. Schcwh5rtz!

Got an equally bullshitty story? Tell us.


Anonymous said...

what were you picking up? your prozac and xanax?

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

Anonymous said...

This is the undoubtedly the most trivial story I have ever heard. You had to wait in line at a pharmacy, you poor dear. Stay classy, folks.

Anonymous said...

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