Friday, April 6, 2007

Duane Reade Stratego: Employees

Each week we'll shed light on a different aspect of your Duane Reade shopping experience.

"Cast of Characters"

Waiting in line at the DR is always a treat, but what you may not know is that the front counter is a strategic and airtight operation, involving key players and military precision.

Cashier 1 - She came with the building and will take no shit from anyone this morning, thank you very much, now do you have your club card.

Cashier 2 - Cell texting dynamo whose entire collection of gold plated accessories must be worn at all times. You can't work a register when a baller's calling, so she aint helping you.

Cashier 3 - Pacer. She walks back and forth behind the counter, moving one item at a time from top shelf to bottom shelf and then back again b/c the best thing to do when a line is aisle-deep is look busy enough not to have to open a second register.

Cashier 4 - Where the fuck did she go, she was JUST here!

Cashier 5 - C'mon now - you think they actually HAVE a cashier 5?

Stock Guy - Sitting on box of Garnier Fructis samples, blissfully contemplating a change in career...ok that part is bullshit. Asshole is sitting on my leave in conditioner.

Manager - In the back with cashier 5.

Asst. Manager - Up front, trying to distract Dewey the Bum from getting another free pack of matches.

Dewey the Bum - Gets free matches here.

Photo Guy - He's there. He's just standing there. He knows you want him to say 'cash only' and invite you up. Nope. He's photo guy. Don't mess.

Pharmacy Cashier - She doesn't speak English. She has your pills. Do the math.

Pharmacist - Uptight white asshole who delights in the following statements:
"when we said it'd be ready by 4:30, we meant we'd check if we had it by 4:30."
"you have to call your doctor and then have him call us and then we'll call him back to get the approval."
"no you can't get your prescription back, it's already been processed."
"go to another Duane Reade, but you have to call your doctor for another prescription."
"we don't have insulin."

Anyone we've missed? Tell us.


Robyn Ruehl-Lippert said...

my bro used to work at CVS when he was in college (hated it-he needs to send in some stories)and he said that every pharm-type store has a "makeup" designer who basically comes in once a week and fills the makeup racks and make the promos look purty. Now you know when you walk into the store and ALL the makeup is sold out except Wet n Wild WHORERED lipliner, that the makeup lady's been hitting the bottle or skipped town or selling the makeup out of the back of a van. SIGH.

Jessie said...

They have a dynamo line filing system, as well. With EACH register having it's OWN line, it gets quite messy and confusing. I actually saw a homeless/common degenerate/mentally delayed/transient fella break down in tears over teh confusion after a suit accused him of cutting in line.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog - mainly because I hate Duane Reade with a passion, specifically the Duane Reade pharmacy. I am a frequent visitor to the Duane Reade pharmacy and can only think of a couple times where picking up/dropping off a prescription went smoothly. I went in there last week to be told that the pharmacist would be opening an hour late - for no particular reason. It's a good thing I wasn't having an allergic reaction! I would definitely have blamed Duane Reade for my demise.

Rosemary Stevens said...

At my DR the pharmacist cashier would sometimes bring her five year old daughter into work with her jsut so angry customers woudln't yell at her when she fucked up "Don't you talk to me like that with my baby here!" How can a pharmacy allow a little five year old girl to wander around a labyrinth of medication and play with pill bottles? fuck you Duane Reade.

Anonymous said...

Um, hate to state the obvious but. . .

Don't shop at Duane Reade. I mean, I run in for the odd emergency item: pack of Tums, that manner of thing, but I would never use their pharmacy. . .


I just found IHDR. I love it. It's really funny. Thank you. I love the photo guy.

Anonymous said...

ummmm, what Duane Reade has a WHITE pharmacist??!!! Mine has a chick in a burkah(sp?) and 2 or 3 Latina "Pharmacy Technicians".... and they never get anything right either.

Anonymous said...

6:06-- my DR has a white young woman pharmacist. she's alright, but she has over time become more jaded & frazzled with all the idiots she has to deal with. (haven't we all).

IHDR-- your descrip. of the front counter is SPOT ON!!! it's eerie!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the obvious: incompetent male manager who stuts around with his feathers puffed up while 2 cashiers help a huge line. Manager can'tbe troubled to jump in and help with a register.

I have never seen a DR: female manager, and a manager touch a register.

Alexandria said...

At my local DR the cashiers cant be bothered to say the entire line "will the following customer please" no its way to difficult. They say "following" then snap their gum.

Anonymous said...

I cut my hand on a broken glass display shelf at Duane Reade on the UES. York & 79th to be exact. Blood gushing everywhere...on me, on the floor, the counter. Manager was not sympathetic. Just told me over and over again how it was not their fault and they are not responsible. I went back weeks and months later. The same broken glass shelf was still there, and so was the chunk of skin it took from my hand. It was still stuck on the broken edge of the glass display shelf. I have the pictures to prove it. Drops of blood were still on the floor, as well. I had to go to the ER to get a tetanis shot. I called DR's corp. headquarters for months trying to get reimbursed for the medical bills. I was always told someone would get back to me. Two years later...still never received a phone call. Refuse to spend my money there!!!!

Anonymous said...

You missed the subhuman monstrosity working at the DR across from Rockefeller Center. This beast has 12-15 inch long fingernails and runs the cash register in the mornings. You almost want to vomit when trying to retrieve your change and receipt from her nasty hands.

Anonymous said...

god bless this blog. have to agree with jessie. the line behind each register rule has raised my blood pressure one too many times. i'm getting worked up just thinking about it.

Constant Dater said...

They also like to switch it up between "one line per register" and "one line" at random times.

liz said...

there was a mouse running across the sun chips next to the counter at the duane reade on 8th next to penn station, and when i pointed it out, the cashier looked at me like it was my fault. the only reason i saw it in the first place was because i was waiting in line for about 17 years to buy some fucking bandaids before work. hate you duane reade!!!!

JRy said...

This is the funniest NYC-centric blog out there! Everything wrong with NYC and possibly the world can be witnessed at Duane Reade. Please don't forget about my favorite customer, the old lady doing her weekly grocery shopping in line in front of me at the Rx pick up counter. She's got two baskets full or Cup O' Noodles and all I need is my damn Nexium! Make Rx Pick Up for Rx Pick Up for God's sake!!!! Morons!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this blog! frustrating but hilarious stories. the real estate gods voted us off the island a few years ago, and pretty much the only thing i don't miss about the city is dealing with DR. i always wondered why anytime i asked an employee at any DR location where an item was stocked, the answer was always a befuddled and annoyed "who?". what are the chances i was asking after a person? ughh! they must teach that at DR school, after the cheetoh-eating, no eye-contact sessions.

Anonymous said...

yikes! This site is so accurate a
descripion of most chain drugstores in our city.
I went to a DR pharmacy to be exact on west 23rd (NYC) street.
I was filling a
prescription for my wife who has
Parkinson's disease when I was told
the script could not be filled for 24 hours I asked why and the pharmacist
answered "We dont stock all medicines for a rare Low Impact disease like Parkinson's"

CVS had the pills i needed in stock.
I do recommend the K-Mart pharmacy
at the LIRR -Penn station.
With this disease it's my second home and friendly employees to boot.

Lesley said...

I haven't filled a prescription at DR in years. The one on B'way and Canal in Chinatown couldn't be bothered to order my Nexium because "no one down here takes THAT" and told me to get some herbs instead. When I tried to get my prescription back, he told me I was attempting to commit fraud and refused. I finally got permission from my insurance co. to get new RX and took my business to the CVS at Union Square, the closest non-DR pharmacy (at the time.)

Liz said...

I actually had an employee fired there. I emptied about $35 worth of stuff from a basket which I put on the floor next to me so I can watch cashier 1,2,3,4 or 5 (can't remember which) ring me up and hopefully not need to make 52 voids. Two cashiers were sitting by the window; one murmurs under her breath something to the effect of, Girl can't put damn the basket back....
Rest of convo goes like this:
Me: (I ignore her)
C: Girl won't move. Just leave it there.
Me: I will put it back, but right now I'm on line.
C: She WON"T but it back. %$!@##%$%
C: Ah ain't talkin' to you.
Me: No, you're sitting there insulting me as I'm shopping in your store.
C: (gets up in my face) Ah SAID, I AINT talkIN to you.
Me: (address her by name on shirt) Listen, "Lafawnda," why don't I get your manager here and explain to her that YOU won't put back the basket.

So on and so forth.

Well, turns out the manager was the woman sitting next to her the whole time.

So, I went to their website, contacted the district manager and explained the story. Not only was he embarrassed, he made sure Lafawnda never showed up to work again.

I'm sure she's at WRONG-AID now, another lovely store I just love to shop in...

an.jee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
an.jee said...

You know, I work at Duane Reade. As a representative of the company, hate it. Hate it all.
The place is so screwed it's not even funny. As employees we get fed a bunch of bullshit from corporate, we get hours taken from us which we worked, all the while having a fucking smile on our faces to serve you, some of you being so asshole-ish or so dumb it's difficult to describe. We have to take your shit ( which, let's face it, does NOT smell that great all the time).
Sure, you could pull a 'well you picked the job' response, but most of picked this job because we need the money or because we need a flexible schedule for schooling or such. Don't think we enjoy it. We hate it as much as you do.
Some of us do try to be nice. I know I do. I try to be as nice as possible. However, some of the duane reade employees have been anally raped so many times that they no longer know the definition of nice.
Which is why I am looking for another job.

Anonymous said...

Gary Melneck is gay

Anonymous said...

Deborah Lazinsky is a nasty little fat troll, and ugly too.

Anonymous said...

Duane Reade is amazing in that it is so poorly run yet it makes money..oh and the management..rejects from the McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Hell, KFC (should be FCK) and Starschmucks(the baristas there have worse attitudes than the Duane Reade cashiers/associates) managerial programs. But sometimes when you need something its the only game in town.

Anonymous said...

Yep I used to work for this CRAPPY compan. It's ways are very shifty and just not right. look this company hires morons like Mike Defazio, Evreton Rock, Bill Keanen. All of which treat people like trash ,yet they are the trash. I doubt they have any formal education, just the school of morons. And then there is loss prevention who had to fire the head of it (Gene Kelly) at some point for stealing, go figure .Whos watching the watchers!
this company really sucks, treats the "Lower Workers" like dirt.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Went to DR to buy their generic Claritin ("Duaneitin" or whtever they call it). Took the little card up to the pharmacist (this was 9am, right after they opened). The one person behind the counter (the pharmacist who is the ONLY one there when they open), after looking up from whatever she was doing while I was standing there for 3-4 mins, starts yelling from across the counter "I hope your not dropping off beacuse I'm very busy I'm here by myself there is no one else here what do you want?" That is an acutal quote. I didn't use commas beacuse neither did she. Rather than start something, I just held up the card. "You have the ID, right?" she said in broken russian-english, before I had to sign the book. I guess she saw the look on my face (like I was going to rip her head off) and realized she fucked up beacuse she beacame alsmost pleasant (almost) for a second after that. "OH-kayee...thenk ewe" like I was annoying her, beacuse she had to get up off her chair and do her job.

Anonymous said... another person here who hates duane reade with a passion and to think that I work there and have to deal with their shit everyday. I'm a cashier and believe it or not I'm actually one of the few nice ones because I work with others there that treat customers like shit. I just don't understand why the fuck they take away hours from employees that they actually work. I mean cmon they make so much fucking money, a few dollars for someone who certainly earns them will not fucking hurt their ridiculous chain. I hate that son of a ***** abdulla from the store 223 on 42nd and 8th its ridiculous, treats its employees like shit. How he made it to store manager is a mystery cuz he's very much of a asshole but when the big bosses are around you be surprise the person he turns to kissing their fucking asses. Also, who the fuck does the hiring, it must be one of the them muslim or indians or whatever u may call it cuz the managers who get hired unless they are african american or white there's no way to communicate with them cuz they don't speak english...example "manager to the front please for change", after paging for like the 6th time he shows up "uuuhhh wat do u need?" I need fucking change didn't u fucking hear me jackass!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to quit that fucking place....hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it

Anonymous said...

I find this blog to be very amusing. the descriptions are so on point that I can fill in the blanks with my own experiences there, its insane. With that said, I feel a lot of people who've had a bad experience. At the same time though, some of these complaints aren't realistic.

Either way, The main problem with the pharmacy is the trifecta. Doctors, insurance companies, and patients. A lot of the time doctors fucking forget that so and so patient is on medicaid, or (insert special insurance here that requires A LICENSE # or the DEA # or else you'll have to pay 2,000 dollars for your shitty birth-control meds, or the percoset that you and I both know that you don't really need. So when you get back to the pharmacy, and its not done, thank your doctors for being idiots for not filling in those fields. Then when the doctor is called, naturally they're busy so all that theres left is to leave a message, and if they don't call back, you're screwed until they do, or until you bring the prescription back to them. Haha, if i had to choose to break the law and lose my job (yeah, obviously I work there) to fill a script without the fields needed, its obvious as to what I would choose, being that you'd choose it too. If i could supercede the law, then fuck yeah i would. Until I can, you're shit out of luck.

Then we have the insurance companies that are so fucking cheap, that they require the doctor to call them up/fill out a form just so they would pay for the medicine. Its so fucking stupid because if the patient didn't need the medicine, why the fuck would the doctor prescribe it? In reference to the patient now, If you need the medicine, pay for it, then deal with the insurance company later. If you don't have the money, then suck it up, or bitch at your insurance company for being so cheap. Duane Reade can't do shit about it. Yeah some of the pharmacists are lazy asses, but being that i've worked for a few of them, I've seen some truely bust their ass, only to have idiot customers bitch and complain about things they have no understanding on. It would make things so much smoother if you all knew the rules and the laws behind prescriptions, pharmacies, doctors, and insurance companies.

Don't get me twisted here though. I agree that DR is in fact a shitty company, and for the money it rakes in annually, it can do WAY fucking better. With more employees and better training. So i agree with you all on that point. I can't speak for other employees, but if you come to me understanding and genuine, i'll break my back for you. (which includes breaking certain rules if at all possible) If you come like an asshole, you'll get treated like one. Two way street here.

With that said, im loving this blog. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I love what the last blogger wrote. I work for DR and yes they really are shitty, especially to their own employees. As a cashier, I had to deal with some really shitty people on both front. Depending on which store you are at, you have your good employees and your bad employees. I try to be good but its really straining when you get that random crackhead who decides cursing at you for no reason is a great way to pass the time. And to top it off, you're working hard for pennies and have people shove it in your face that you chose to work there. Trust me, nobody CHOSE to work at DR. we HAD to work there so we can pay off our bills without resorting to stealing or killing. My advice for sane customers is if you don't like the attitude of the employees in one DR, then go to another one. There are so many of them now that there is no excuse that you cant find another one. And if by chance all the ones you went to are as crappy as the first, try another chain. But to be honest, i think every chain store have their shitty stores as well as their good ones.

Anonymous said...

The writer of last comment, you must one of these bullshit management team. It is a good method is to cover your butts by these blogs to write very nicely. I am sure that a cashier that works at duane reade can not have writing skills like you such as grammar or punc..very clear explanation. You work there, because you make money and abuse people by kissing the asses of your managers. I hope you can find wife or husbands to your collagues... or exchange your daughters or relatives each other to have more fun.

Anonymous said...

So far we have only met comments about the stupidity of the Duane Reade Stores? How about their managers, corporate folks? I am telling you some conversations of some corporate idiots and their comments....

-Eleni Trifos: She even doesn't consider Duane Reade as a company!"They have 250+ locations and a brand promise that is essentially "Always a Wait. Always an Attitude." She is the pharmacy service manager, but she doesn't have any understanding about what harassment or bullying is. She may put you in insane category just because of being a favour of an asshole assistant manager and evil team...No matter how they harassed you... Dear Readers: Please read the treatment above and tell me what it is.
-Put yourself in this situation. "This is YOU"

You have enough education and evaluation about how a business runs. You were given a job as a cashier. In spite of this job, you are pleasant and did what your job description says. From the begining the assistant manager and her team started to harass you in many ways such as:
-Your cash register were closed by assistant manager at 11 am and she is sending outside while your schedule finishes at 4:30 pm. You are going outside, because you don't know how you should deal with her. You are kindly leaving the store. When you come back, she will tell you "how professional is it you went outside before your schedule".Morever she would send you outside of the store before your schedule finishes.When you say why now, she will say "just listen"
-Assistant manager put unscanned items to the customer bags you deal with infront of you and when you say hey what are you doing? She is saying "just listen".
-There are donations in the store and the top selling cashier will be awarded by some award and recognition. You are the one who were selling only to every individual customer. You are selling at least $50 donation every single day. The assistant manager doesn't give you donations saying there is no more in the room, a blatant lie. The Cashier calling assistant manager saying Ivy do something. Ivy, assistant manager closed my register in the middle of the day without reason and sending me away from my cash register. You are saying anything.In spite of this, you are the most selling cashier in the district.
-Assistant Manager is insulting you about your headscarf infront of the customers and co-workers. Also about muslim identity and culture in many ways.
-Assistant Manager is calling her evil team and then they are coming to your cash register together and telling you to do different things at the same time. You are still saying anything, just thank you. (Ivy, assistant manager in the front desk yelling at you in an animal way, shrielle is saying come here take put these medications in its place, Jahara(cashier) is saying clean here...The other is taking the RX notebook from your hand while you were writing a customer name. These things were happening at the same time, by different people.
-The shift leader is coming and changing your cash register before your shedule finishes and while you are telling your id is on! Ivy is coming "saying listen" Listen what idiots, you are changing my cash register and giving me no money and messing other cash register while my id on and ordering me to work at a cash register which didn't work. Then giggling together.
-You were forced to give a medication which didn't belong to customer. When you say, this isn't patient's name and Ivy will tell you "Just listen and give"
-A customer will buy an item, without scanning, pharmacy tech Salima will say "just give and you don't have to scan or payment". Even so you will say there is no receipt or scanning. How do you expect me to give this to the customer. She will look at you full of hatred. You will call assistant manager. You are the one who called her, she will say "just listen without listening to you"
-The Pharmacy Tech will want you to give a medication which have two patient names on it and when you "there are two names on it, she will say -listen and just give-
-Same Pharmacy tech will accuse you of stealing a pharmacist's purse. When you say what do you mean, they will say "just listen" What the heck treatment is it?
-You will not be allowed to stand at the front desk, when you say "why" and they will only say listen.
-Another stupid employee is coming and getting an item cost about "$15" and giving you cover. When you say hey pay and they will only "just listen"
-You aren't allowed to take your lunch break and they will tell you "just listen and we will fuck you"
-The cashier, Jahara(another evil) will swipe her card and doesn't stand her cash register for 30 min. Will go and chat with Ivy, assistant manager. Evil talking, calling ivy and Ivy is going downstairs. You are the one who is only taking customers.You are still saying anything. Jahara will insult you as calling "idiot or stupid because you are making effort to sell the donations" and Ivy will prevent you to sell, because her ass will be opened. When you say excuse me, but this is part of my job. They will say "just listen", Listen what! Fucking idiots, I am asking.
-Pharmacist will ask you to put "yellow stickers of patients name" to put in the garbage. When you say hold on. I was told not to put this outside of the pharmacy or manager room. You are telling me to put in the garbage. Folks, those names maybe your names and you trust these folks and give your ids and insurance information. When you say how come you want me to put these to garbage. They will say "Just Listen"
-Ivy, assistant manager never ever says anything to somebody who comes cash register late, or dealing customer with saying "shit or bullshit..or asshole" She will never interrupt a cashier while she was talking on the cell-phone. She will never say anything to a cash register who didn't take care of taking patients' name openly. However she will treat you in double standard ways and she knows that you do complete job and will order you to do many things not related or never being practised by anybody before such as writing patient name individually in every single even for more than 10 medications. Patients will say "what are you telling us to do like that, we are here for 20 years, never signed our names individually for 15 medications..we only signed 1 signature for 5 medications." Even though you are nice and kind will say management changed some system. You will do exactly what your assistant manager says...She will still not be satisfied and will continue yelling about your culture infront of the customer.
-Outside of the store, a pharmacy tech Karmen will come and take your RX notebook from your hand and call another tech Salima "let's go". When you say hey "I am writing the name and sticker of the medication on my hand. They will say "just listen and we will fuck you". Karmen whom I never talked, always looked at you full of hatred, whenever she came to the store, she went to medication wrapping place even if she isn't working there, she created problem for you.
-The other cashier will slap door on you, and will say IVY do something. Ivy will work with evil mind again. The other day she will call her friends and they will go to manager room. Then her friends will act as customers and talk out of the air. Stupid unrelated things. When you say "excuse me how can I help you and they will say just listen and yelling for things you have no idea.
-They made me depressed, I left the store.
-Many other stupid treatment is available to the report I gave to District Managers.
-The customers are happy with you, you always smile, come to cash register on time, and leave on time. Plus you can make sure until somebody will appear at the cash cashier before you leave your schedule. You are extremely kind even though this stupid treatment happened to you.

This had exactly happened to me.
When I reported, I met an extremely stupid treatment. District Manager accused my muslim identity. Pharmacy Service manager took favour of this assistant manager, made you feel like a stupid. How stupid evaluation of Duane Reade Corporate people have!!!
I have enough education to tell what they should have done, "Ivy, who was promoted to be as a manager, should have been fired or taken a diciplinary action by pending her status." These stupid people should have been pending as well.

I didn't sue them, at that time I was still nice, because I didn't want them to lose their jobs as they have family or children.However,I am so regretful about not going further legal action. I hope you understand why store people are so stupid or inconsiderate, because that's the way how they kept their job, anybody who would like to have improvement will have no place in Duane Reade especially if this person is muslim, having headscarf.
This is a funny experience I had lived. They are really inconsiderate and ignorant people. Not only stores, but their corporate is full of idiots who don't take Duane Reade seriously. Folks, there is a new walgreen opened at Times Square and they have many doors accessible to many sides. Go there and feel the difference between Duane Reade and Walgreens. I encourage you to use Walgreen service if you are in this area.

I lived a very funny and digusting experience at Duane Reade.I reported each incident including date to date in details to District Managers Greg Calvano and Wesam Abdrabouh. Unfortunately they made fun of my situation and made a stupid 10 minutes meeting including Pharmacy Service Manager Eleni Trifos. They even didn't the report I wrote with specific time and details. Greg Calvano accused my Muslim identity, Eleni Trifos took favor of Ivy and insulted me (wanted me to find a safe work environment in the toilet and saying for this harassment isn't personal), Wesam Abdrabouh's approach is very non-sense and unacceptable.He said: "You did this to store, you will do the same thing to your husband". What the heck, really funny! I can't believe how their levels are low and ONE WORD BRAINLESS! They wanted me to listen what I shouldn't do in a job!


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Anonymous said...

I just want to get back to the topic that I avoid DR like it had the plague. It must be weird to be a top manager in this company to want to aspire to the montra that we strive to suck less.

Anonymous said...

This Company is the worst company I have ever worked as a pharmacist
Their is a relatively new District manager initial NK that is such a bitch she writes up the pharmacist for doing their jobs
she is known to be a bitch and she gets away with it I was told she is clawing up the cooperative wall

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Car describing is separate from washing and waxing, though some automobile centers provide these solutions with each other. In general, a wash and wax career is just that – the exterior from the car is cleaned and waxed.[url=]Auto Detailing[/url] Automotive detailing goes even more, and although concentrated about the interior of the vehicle, car[url=]Auto Detailing[/url] detailing also [url=]Auto Detailing[/url]entails some exterior work.
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Lastly, nicks or scratches within the paint can be taken care of by automotive describing too. Every single blemish is cleaned of wax and very carefully sanded with wet/dry grit or even a fine sanding block.[url=]Auto Detailing[/url] The appropriate automotive touch-up paint is used in layers, permitting each coat to dry [url=]Auto Detailing[/url]before applying the subsequent. The region is once again sanded, then polished and waxed. When done correctly, vehicle detailing leaves one tough pressed to uncover the authentic blemish.
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How about the annoying customers? They have had to put with shit all day at work so now it is time to come into DR and take it out on the pharmacist/ staff. Half of the customers look like they have been sniffing urine all day. Half are on depression medication and the other half have herpes.

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I had bad encounter with Pharmacist at Duane Reade Woodside, the dumb fucken pharmacist didn't the different between a pain medication and a birth control pill. So he ended, give birth control instead, when I returned, they won't refund my copay because they call it store policy. Fuck u! This is not ethics you moron. GO FUCK yourself.

Anonymous said...

Duane Reade store Queens in Indian Town Jackson Heights, is the worst place to get medications, not only are workers ugly looking, but they smell bad. Never recommend, getting medications from this place. The workers have no hygiene and neither does the store.